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Birthday cake for Grandma and Best Messages

Birthday cake for Grandma and Best Messages, Grandma Birthday Wishes, Quotes and Sayings, Happy Birthday Grandma so Funny from member of Family. With all the bad things we see on the news every day, it’s so good to know that you and your love always provide safe haven for my heart. Happy Birthday with love, Grandma. >>> More: Chocolate Strawberry Birthday Cake

If home is where the heart is, then I’m with you every minute of every day, Grandma. Happy Birthday with love.

I don’t know where you’ve hidden that fountain of youth, but I’m your granddaugher and I deserve to know! I love you Grandma… Happy Birthday, you hottie!

Okay, maybe we didn’t have the white picket fence, church pot-luck, teaching to knit kind of relationship, but you were always the most fantastic Nana of all time. Happy Birthday, Grandma.

Geography keeps us apart far too much, but always know that you are in my thoughts and prayers every day, Grandma. Happy Birthday.

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Birthday cake for Grandma 1

On this beautiful day, I wish you a time of joy, a prayer of peace, a gift of hope and a heart full of love. Happy Birthday to my beloved Grandma!

This card is actually filled to the brim with good thoughts, happy moments, wonderful dreams, and loads of smiles. With lots of love, your grandchild (name)!

My birthday present to you, Grandma, is to help you blow out all those candles! Congratulations on another fine year!

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Birthday cake for Grandma 2

Happy birthday to the greatest grandmother! You are one of the most incredible person that I know. I wish you a beautiful and joyful day, I love you and miss you!

Dear grandma, thank you for those amazing years when I was little, when you used to help me fall asleep, told me stories that I still remember till this day! Happy birthday to you!

Today is a wonderful day, not because the sun is shining, but because it’s your special day! Happy birthday Granny!

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Birthday cake for Grandma 3

Your birthday is a great occasion to thank you for all your love, care and for being always near me, when I needed it the most.

May your birthday blossom with joy and fragrance of happiness spread in your life. May you find plenty of reasons to smile, dear Grandma!

Having a grandmother like you makes life so much happier. Warm wishes to you!

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Birthday cake for Grandma 4

You should be called “Professor Nana.” You taught me cooking and sewing, but mostly you taught me the true meaning of love. Happy Birthday.

When some people think “Grandma” they think of little grey haired ladies in rocking chairs, but I think of wonderful, dynamic, loving YOU! Happy Birthday.

For all the secrets you kept, the wisdom you offered, the nurturing you gave, and especially the unconditional love, thank you Grandma and Happy Birthday.

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Birthday cake for Grandma 5

On your birthday Grandma, I want to apologize for all the messes I made when I was growing up. I’ll try to keep my kids from doing the same! Love you…

If I seem happy, strong, kind, successful, spiritual or loving, it’s all due to your example, Grandma. Happy Birthday with love and gratitude.

Some people say Granny, Nana, Meema and lots of other things, but I will always call you FRIEND. Happy birthday.

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Birthday cake for Grandma 6

Fun, laughter and long silly talks… there’s no one I’d rather get into mischief with than you, Grandma. Happy birthday.

I have cost you money, tried your patience, and generally been a pain in your neck. Happy birthday, Grandma, and thanks for still loving me.

Hey Birthday Girl! Thanks for showing me that age doesn’t necessarily have to define you. I hope the most awesome Grandma has the most awesome day!

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Birthday cake for Grandma 7

Yo, Home Slice! With your jiggy style, rockin’ ‘tude and chill vibe, I’m shooting you wishes for a righteously solid day. (Translation: Happy Birthday Grandma!)

I hope your birthday is lucky… as lucky as I am to have you as my own awesome Grandma. I love you!

When I say my prayers on your birthday, I pray that you enjoyed your day, but also send God prayers of gratitude. I’m so blessed to have you in my life.

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Birthday cake for Grandma 8

Grandma, I don’t know how you’ve managed to blend warmth, kindness, intelligence, strength and compassion into one person — but I hope it’s hereditary. Happy Birthday.

When people ask me who my number one role model is, I always point to you. You are the woman by whom all women are judged. I love you. Happy birthday, Grandma.

You’ve cradled me in your arms, calmed my fears, and shown me by example what real strength looks like. Happy Birthday to the World’s Best Grandma.

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Birthday cake for Grandma 9

Happy Birthday, Grandma, from your favorite grandchild. What do you mean, WHO? (I haven’t told the others that it’s me either). Love you!

Sometimes we take some of the most wonderfull things in our lives for granted. On your birthday, I just wanted to thank you for everything, Grandma.

Happy Birthday to you, dear Grandma!
Let this day bring much joy
For you surely deserve it.
Sit back and enjoy!

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Birthday cake for Grandma 10

I love you for the joy we share,
I love you for the things we do,
I love because you always care,
I love you Granny, ’cause you’re you!
Wishing you a blessed Birthday!

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Birthday cake for Grandma 11

With a grandma like you, I know what is important in this world.
With a grandma like you, I will always have a best friend!
Happy birthday Grandma!

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Birthday cake for Grandma 12

Of all the insecurities I may have, I see your face sometimes when I look in the mirror and it makes me smile. We’re beautiful! Happy Birthday.

Your face appears in the dictionary under “Perfect Grandma.” Definition: beauty, compassion, gentle power and love. Happy Birthday.

We don’t see eachother as often as I’d like but, on your birthday, I want you to know how blessed I feel that God has graced me with you. I love you.

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Birthday cake for Grandma

I remember when I was little, you used to help me fall asleep, read and told me stories, I still remember them. You were the one who brought me candy when parents said no. You were my hero , and you still are, happy birthday!

Now I tell the stories to my kids, that you used to tell me, and I wanted to thank you for being there for me those scary nights, those bright days, thank you for making me laugh! Happy birthday!

Dear Granny, I wanted to thank you for being here, because only owing to you I have such a wonderful mother/father here today! Happy birthday!

We are all gathered here today to wish you many more healthy years, and we hope you will still be with us many years in the future, because we could never imagine all of our futures without you! Happy birthday!

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