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TOP 16th Birthday cakes for Boys, girls and Wishes, Sayings

TOP 16th Birthday cakes for Boys, girls and Wishes, Sayings – Find perfect birthday cakes to send to someone on their 16th birthday. Share these 16th birthday cakes and wishes with your friends via Text/SMS, email, Facebook,Whatsapp, IM, etc. Download free 16th Birthday cake images, photo and pictures new ideas for everybody.

16th Birthday cakes 1

On your 16th birthday, I wish that your life blossoms into many of your most cherished desires come true. Happy Birthday to you.

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16th Birthday cakes 2

These are the best years of your life. If you really want to enjoy, make the most of it and never misuse it. Happy 16th B’day!

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16th Birthday cakes 3

16 is a lovely age. Enjoy it to the fullest extent, for there are so plenty of under 16s who are waiting for this day, while there are plenty of above 16s who wish they had made the most out of it. Happy 16th Birthday.

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16th Birthday cakes 4

May you have a brilliant day filled with music, laughter and not forgetting lots of cake too. Have a Happy 16th Birthday.

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16th Birthday cakes 5

I wish you wake up in the morning to a bed full of presents. I wish your birthday cake comes in your favorite flavor. I wish that your crush asks you out. I wish the music never stops and I wish you have the energy to dance all night long. Happy Sweet 16th Birthday!

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16th Birthday cakes 6

I hope you’re covered in knee-deep gift wrapping paper at the moment. I also wish that your 16th Birthday is an exact replica of what you dreamt it to be. Save me some cake! Hugs and kisses.

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16th Birthday cakes 7

Many happy returns of the day on your 16th Birthday! May God bless you and shower His blessing upon you. May God make you a stronger person. Enjoy yourself and have lots of cake.

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16th Birthday cakes 8

Happy 16th Birthday. This age may only last for a year, but trust me it will be an adventure with memories that will last for a lifetime. Have a great day.

16th Birthday cakes 10

Enjoy the music as your family and friends chant the lovely Happy Birthday song on your Sweet 16th birthday! Happy Birthday to you. May you have a rocking one.

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16th Birthday cakes 11You are the craziest teenager I have ever come across. I’m pretty sure that your 16th birthday is going to be just as much crazy and fun. Sweet 16th Birthday darling! Party hard, but stay safe!

16th Birthday cakes 12

Yay! You finally can officially drive! Happy Sweet 16th Birthday dear. Have an amazing day. Lots of love, hugs and kisses.

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16th Birthday cakes 13

At 16, you’ve officially got the right to eat more cake, demand more allowance and become more annoying. Isn’t it a great juncture of life to be in? Happy 16th Birthday!

16th Birthday cakes 14

At 16, you will be excused for every single mistake you make and be blessed for the smallest acts of kindness. Such is this age ? rough and tender, bitter and sweet. May you make the best of the sweet 16th year of your life. Happy Birthday!

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16th Birthday cakes 15

Congratulations on completing 16 years of your life. I’m sure it has been a rocking journey. May it continue to be all the more fun day by day. May the merriment and celebration never end. Happy Birthday. May you have a blast.

16th Birthday cakes

Being 16 is wonderful because you can conveniently act grown up and dumb as and when you need to. Enjoy this phase of life while you have it. Happy Birthday!

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May the 16th year of your life bring you the courage to soar higher, the confidence to take unprecedented action, the humility to accept your mistakes and the tolerance to understand others. May this be the best year of your life. Happy 16th Birthday.

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